Additional Rules
The [VEHICLE]'s flex ordnance launchers can fire any standard grenade. After each combat encounter or if the launchers run out of ammo, the launchers must be replenished from the [VEHICLE]'s on-board magazines with an Easy Gunnery check.
The effects of the Stabilizer Conversion Kit are already included in the [STARSHIP]'s stat block. If the PCs manage to find a [STARSHIP] without the Conversion Kit, its handling is -1 and it has 4 Customization Hard Points.
Some [STARSHIPS] are equipped with missiles sporting a payload of buzz droids. This missile launcher has the following profile: (Fire Arc Forward; Damage -; Critical 6; Range [Short]; Guided 3, Limited Ammo 3, Linked 1, Slow-Firing 1). A discord missile launcher inflicts no damage; instead, a successful hit deploys one buzz droid engaged with the target per [SUCCESS] on the combat check.
As a maneuver, a crew member can begin deployment of the [VEHICLES]'s complement of battle droids, which will be deployed and active at the end of the following round.
Reduce any Critical Hit a [VEHICLE] would suffer due to collisions by 30, to a minimum of 1.
The [VEHICLE]'s flext ordnance launchers can carry a mix of ordnance types, additional sensors, and even external fuel tanks. The flex ordnance launcher has secen mounting points per wing, for a total of 14. Each point can carry a single round of ordnance or other piece of gear.
When making an attack targeting this starship, increase the Critical rating of any weapon used by ranks in Massive
A [VEHICLE] traveling at top speed may ram a stationary target of silhouette 2 or greater by using a maneuver to engage it. If the target is mobile, this instead requires an action and a Hard Piloting (Planetary) check. Use the rules for collisions found in Chapter VII: Starships and Vehicles of any core rulebook to determine the effects of a collision caused this way, adding +20 to any Critical Hit rolls the [VEHICLE] inflicts on its target.
The [VEHICLE] can deploy a walker to the field while still moving. As an action, the pilot may make a Hard Piloting (Planetary) check upgrade a number of times equal to the [VEHICLE]'s current speed. If the pilot succeeds, the walker deploys safely. If the pilot fails, the walker deploys but suffers an immediate Critical Hit as if it had suffered a condition.
Blocks all sensors within range, counting its ship or vehicle silhouette as one smaller when bein fired at. Immediately notifies all ships in a star system, or within 100 kilometers if planetside, to the ship or vehicle's existence.
The addition of a Mk I Sidecar increases a BARC speeder's passenger capacity to 1, increases encumbrance capacity to 10, and reduces handling to 0. The sidecar can mount a light repeating blaster.
[STARSHIPS] can carry up to four Undicur-class jumpspeeders in addition to the listed encumbrance and passenger capacities. Two of these small speeder bikes are included as part of the Eta's purchase price.
A [STARSHIP] can change between its starfighter and walker configurations as a maneuver. In its walker configuration, a [STARSHIP]'s speed becomes 2 and it can cling to starship hulls or scale sheer surfaces. A [STARSHIP] in walking configuration can attack using its legs, with the following profile (this weapon uses personal scale): (Brawl; Damage 9; Critical 4; Range [Engaged]; Ensnare 1, Knockdown).
Reduce any system strain caused by cold weather, ice, or snow by 1, to a minimum of 1.

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