About The Outer Rim

The Outer Rim is a free and open-source fan-made site for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars role-playing game. Here you can find stats on weapons, vehicles, characters, and more!

Who made this?

The Outer Rim code is maintained by a few folks and the content is contributed and curated by even more! See them all on the contributors page.

Immense credit goes to the original Viluppo Star Wars FFG Index. That site was shut down in February 2020 and The Outer Rim was born from its ashes.

What is "free and open-source"?

Free is well, free. You're never going to get charged to use this site. Ever.

As for "open-source," it means that all the code that powers this website is available online and is open to contributions from others.

Can I help add and audit content?

Please! Detailed instructions are currently in this Google Sheet.

Can I help with some code?

Absolutely! Check out the repository on GitHub.

Why are some records missing data in some columns?

We are constantly adding new data and auditing existing data. If you see a column that is empty for a particular record, it probably just hasn't been updated yet! If it's been that way for awhile, then something may indeed be wrong. Reach out and let us know. Check back often for new and updated data.

Why can't I sort by some columns?

In an effort to get more content in quickly, we disabled sorting on some columns. I'll spare you the tecnical details as to why this is, but rest assured that we will be turning sorting back on soon! Note that, in the meantime, you can still filter by these columns, so if you're looking for a particular value, use the filter in the upper-right hand corner of a table.

How do I know which books have been entered and audited?

You can find a full list on the content status page.

Do you have a changelog?


I found a bug in the data!

Thanks for catching that! There is a link on each and every item detail page that you can use to send us an email and let us know about the issue.

I found a bug in the code!

Oops, sorry about that! If you could report it on the issues page and we'll take a look.

I have an idea for a new feature!

Awesome! If you could let us know on the issues page, we'll take a look.

I don't do GitHub. How else can I contact you?

Drop a line.

Can I donate to the project?

Yes, you can! All donations are truly and greatly appreciated. You can either visit my Patreon page, buy me a coffee, or donate via PayPal.


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